AdWatch Tournament Edition is a game about watching ads and has no actual gameplay… which is actually the game

Written by AndrewH

Enjoy watching ads but hate the fact that you need to play a mobile game in order to enjoy wondrous mobile ads? If that sounds like something you cope with on a regular basis than you ought to be pleased to know that now there is an Android game that provides all of you from the joys of watching ads without the need to play a game title. Thanks for visiting AdWatch Tournament Edition.

In all seriousness, AdWatch Tournament Edition is a new Android game that’s not a game title in the typical sense of the word. Actually there is no actual gameplay at all but there’s a leaderboard to compete in. The gameplay is actually watching ads. You earn points for watching ads and you may double your score by watching another ad right after the very first ad you watched. Seriously, this can be a thing. Thankfully there are plenty of cute characters to enjoy that are shoving ads in your face to earn you points.

Competing upon your friends in this non-game is about that has more time to waste watching ads. Thankfully there is zero skill involved if you hate those skill-based games you’re always getting beat at, then now’s your time and effort to shine. All you need to do is sit watching ads, occasionally giggling just like a schoolgirl in the cute characters.

If anything, a clip for the game is fairly funny. AdWatch Tournament Edition is available for download from Google Play free of charge and it is ad supported….

AdWatch Tournament Edition (Playboard) | AdWatch Tournament Edition (Play Store)