[Updated] Gameloft announces Dungeon Hunter 5. Pre-registration is now live

Written by AndrewH

Gameloft has announced the next installment in to the Dungeon Hunter franchise, officially called Dungeon Hunter 5, and in addition to this Gameloft has now made pre-launch registration survive the game’s official micro-site. Also, besides all of this, Gameloft has additionally released a Developer Diary video which demonstrates some of the gameplay that will arrive with Dungeon Hunter 5.

Update: January 28th, 2015 7:44am PST: So far with the social sharing of the Dungeon Hunter 5 official website, three from the in-game rewards that will be given out to everyone who pre-registers before the game has gone out have been unlocked and a fourth the first is right on the advantage as well. Looks like there will be lots of goodies to start with when the game is released.

During CES 2015 we had the opportunity to go hands-on with an early copy of Dungeon Hunter 5 even though we can not discuss what we experienced and saw until we are permitted to, we are able to mentioned the game is officially anything currently. Also today Gameloft has opened up pre-launch registration where one can earn exclusive in-game rewards that you’ll receive when the game officially launches. The rewards is going to be added in line with the quantity of social sharing from the Dungeon Hunter 5 micro-site ends up getting. The greater it is shared on Twitter, Facebook, and Email, the more rewards will be unlocked for when the sport launches.

In relation to its the sport itself, you need to do get to become familiar with a bit by what to anticipate from the Developer Diary video Gameloft released today. It’s a direct sequel to Dungeon Hunter 4 that follows the effects of the Demon Wars that happened in that game. In Dungeon Hunter 5, players will have as bounty hunters instead of a soldier inside a war. This new installment sees lots of improvements come to the game as well in virtually ever aspect. All things have been constructed from the ground-up as well and just about everything is new in Dungeon Hunter 5 including the graphics, gameplay, animation and so on.

There is another new multiplayer feature in Dungeon Hunter 5 where players essentially create their very own dungeons, placing your minions within it, and basically protecting your gold. Players can raid your dungeon within the ope to steal some of it and you, of course, can raid other player’s dungeons to steal theirs. To be able to make this happen though, you will have to beat the gamer the master of that specific dungeon at the end of it, essentially making them the ‘end boss’.

Dungeon Hunter 5 will also now introduce a new Fusion system regarding the loot/gear you collect. Essentially, as you gain levels your character your gear has a tendency to fall behind. So collecting new stronger gear is required to ensure that you to keep defeating stronger enemies. You now can make use of your current loot/gear as you gain levels because you will now be in a position to upgrade the gear you have, basically leveling up while you level up. Eventually you’ll be able to upgrade your favorite gear to epic new versions from it with all new stats and visual looks.

While we can’t get into any more detail relating to this game for at this time, you will not have to wait too long before we can spill the beans about Dungeon Hunter 5 more fully. Until then, you can watch the Developer Diary within the video above.

Official Website: Dungeon Hunter 5