AMT Games finally bring us a sequel to Epic War TD

Written by AndrewH

AMT Games has spent the final 2 years developing a sequel for their successful tower defense game called Epic War TD which originally hit Google Play back in 2011. So after two years of focusing on this sequel, Epic War TD 2 is now readily available for Android gamers to sink their time into.

Epic War TD 2 is really a mech-filled tower defense game occur the future. There are a total of 13 towers in this game, nine which are the ‘normal’ towers and 4 seem to be ‘mega-towers’. All of these towers can be upgraded to become much stronger which you’ll have to do because there are a lot of different enemies in this game.

Epic War TD 2 Features:

– 9 high-power towers
– 4 mega towers
– 44 distinct enemies
– 50 brain-puzzling missions
– 100+ hours of enjoyment

Visually farmville looks pretty excellent and if you played the original then you’ll certainly begin to see the difference. Another good feature is that this is really a fully premium game which means no IAPs or another type. So if you are interested in picking up a duplicate of Epic War TD 2, that can be done off of Google Play for $2.99.

Epic War TD 2 (Playboard) | Epic War TD 2 (Play Store)