The Wonderful World of Disney Android Apps and Games

Written by Zack Kaplan

During the doldrums of winter, there’s nothing much better than going for a vacation to a warmer place. As i don’t have the luxury of traveling during the winter, Summer beckons plus a not yet been fully planned visit to a Disney resort. In the meantime Disney fans/geeks much like me need to find methods to keep the magic alive. Of course I will always recommend some quality Disney gaming.

Where’s My Mickey

A simple puzzle title, Where’s My Mickey tasks players with helping Mickey Mouse make lemonade. The visual design and style of Mickey come from the recent Mickey Mouse shorts aired on the Disney Channel. Finishing puzzles are rewarded with funny animations of Mickey making lemonade. This can be a great game for casual play and for kids. It is played with a portrait view, which makes it ideal for playing on a smartphone.

Castle of Illusion

A port from the remake of the classic Sega title of the identical name, Castle of Illusion Starring Mickey Mouse is a 2.5D platformer, mostly side-scrolling gameplay but with 3D graphics. When there is one flaw with this game, it’s its insufficient controller support. For any game that was originally on consoles and PC, I’ve found it odd that there is no support.?

Disney Tsum Tsum

Originating from Japan Tsum Tsums are little plush Disney characters, which are stacked and matched with one another.The greater you chain together the higher the score. The sport is free-to-play, but it will require time for you to unlock the numerous characters, loong enough that I almost considered spending real cash on the game, however didn’t because I am not a fan of micro-transactions, though that’s its own editorial, I’d rather not spoil the Disney magic. I reviewed mtss is a while in August if you are on the fence about trying it out.

Honorable Mentions:

Star Wars Commander: I reviewed this a couple of months ago, not the very best Star Wars Android game, especially now that Knights from the Old Republic is available, nevertheless its still worth a glance if you would like some casual Star Wars gaming in your life.

Club Penguin: Young gamers might want to take part in the MMO Club Penguin, it’s not only extremely cute, but it also features parties themed around different Disney properties, including Star Wars, Marvel, as well as The Muppets. I waxed nostalgic about this game a while back.

And When we’re On the Subject of Disney:

As almost as much ast I really like doing offers, there are plenty of different ways to experience Disney goodness in your Android device. Here are two apps you might find useful:

Disney Movies Anywhere

Take Disney movies everywhere, along with bonus features! Those digital copies that include Disney movies are finally useful to Android users, because it has been integrated with Google Play.?

My Disney Experience

Planning a trip to Disney Resort? Be sure to install this app, its an interactive help guide to the parks and entire resort. Between booking a trip, buying tickets, or making dining reservations this app is very helpful.

While there is no way to exchange a vacation to a Disney park, or simulate warm weather, hopefully some of these apps can help you endure the arctic tundra many areas of the United States have become.?