Bing Bong is a minimalistic arcade game from NVS that is rather enjoyable time killer

Written by AndrewH

Bing Bong is a new minimalistic arcade game from developers NVS which just landed on Google Play. This is among those games that are simple to get and play when you need to kill some time. However it is also challenging so much that you may also take a seat for an hour and grind the best score possible should you desired to.

Bing Bong has players tapping the screen to reduce the green ball in order to try and avoid obstacles that come the right path. You will want to collect the white circles to be able to gain points while attempting to avoid the colored squares that will kill you. Your green ball just bounces up and down inside a vertical line but if you slow down, it will grow in dimensions. So you’ll have to keep that in mind when attempting to prevent the oncoming squares since you don’t want to be too near to them.

Bing Bong Features:

Simple One Touch Controls
100% Free
No Ads
Google Play Games Achievements.
Google Play Games Leader board.
Optimized for a wide selection of phones and tablets.
A single OPTIONAL In-App purchase allows you to support the developer.

This game is a rarity in that it’s 100% free. By that we mean literally 100% free there are no ads either. So how will the developer make money? There’s a singular optional IAP that players can choose to do that is essentially a donation of the dollar to support the developer. It in no way affects the gameplay off Bing Bong. Definitely something aren’t seeing every day that is for sure.

If you have in mind checking out Bing Bong, you are able to download the sport from Google Play free of charge. If you happen to like it, then do consider supporting the developer.

Bing Bong (Playboard) | Bing Bong (Play Store)