Award winning adventure game The Inner World gets a puzzle spin-off

Written by AndrewH

The top rated point-and-click adventure game The interior World has a new puzzle game spin-off called The Inner World – The Puzzle. This is literally a puzzle game where you is going to be combining pieces to create a scene from the adventure game. With respect to the difficulty setting, you could have up to 100 pieces to put together for one puzzle.

There are three different modes you are able to play. Search & Find mode has players looking for the best piece from different piles needs to be put in a predetermined place. Drag & Drop is really as it sounds, dragging and dropping bits of the puzzle together. Versus Mode has two players competing with each other simultaneously on one device.

The Inner World – The Puzzle Features:

– 100 puzzle motives from the award winning adventure game The interior World
– Time-based puzzling by ‘Search & Find’ and 2 ‘Drag & Drop’ modes
– Versus-Mode to compete against each other simultaneously on one device
– Rectangular and circular puzzles
– Flipping and rotating puzzles

On surface of all the game modes, there are various kinds of puzzles too which change from circular and rectangle to ones that you have to flip and rotate in order to make pieces squeeze into each puzzle you are focusing on. If you’re interested in checking this game out, that can be done for $1.99 off Google Play there aren’t any IAPs within this game either.

Inner World – The Puzzle (Playboard) | Inner World – The Puzzle (Play Store)