Let’s play the guessing game! What will Nvidia be unveiling at GDC 2015 at their press event?

Written by AndrewH

Nvidia has sent invites towards the media to have an event they’re hosting on March 3rd, 2015 at GDC (the Game Developer’s Conference) in San Francisco. We will be since the entire GDC event as always including Nvidia’s press event. While there’s no good deal to take in regards to what we ought to expect to see throughout the event, Nvidia is making it sound pretty big. So let us play the guessing game!

On Monday we reported on the rumor that Nvidia was seeking to release the following iteration of the Shield Tablet which will probably come with the brand new Tegra X1 chipset. Evidently this is just a rumor and really should be taken with a grain of salt. However, Nvidia is due for an additional device release and this would not be the very first time the company announced something big at GDC. Actually Nvidia has been doing a good amount of announcements at previous GDC press events therefore it isn’t too much of an unexpected this year they’re doing one.

But what exactly is Nvidia likely to announce? Well news about the Tegra X1 chipset is really confirmed. A new Shield Tablet is also up high there among the list of possibilities. Another possible announcement would be a new Shield Portable style device. It may be none of those options and could be something different. Look at what Nvidia did during CES 2015. They entire time during the event was there to advertise Nvidia Tegra technology in vehicles coupled with nothing to do with gaming. In hindsight though Nvidia might have done only car related stuff at CES given that they knew they would do this press event at GDC 2015.

Nvidia is really pumping this announcement up though. Like all other event, Nvidia’s CEO Jen-Hsun Huang is going to be presenting/hosting the wedding as well. Based on Jen-Hsun, whatever is in this announcement has been Five years within the making.

More than 5 years in the making, what I wish to share with you will redefine the way forward for gaming. -? Nvidia CEO Jen-Hsun Huang

Since a lot of the media that has been invited for this event occur to report on Android news, it’s a safe bet this has something related to mobile gaming. We’re also going to reckon that it has something related to cross-platform gaming, whether that be GRID, GameStream or something else either software or hardware related. It has been quite a strong reason for focus for Nvidia with their Shield line of devices. So has content sharing through services like TwitchTV. Micro-consoles (and full-sized Android game consoles like the OBox) are still a big thing so it might be Nvidia’s own style of Android game console.

Whatever this announcement is, it does sound pretty intriguing and Nvidia is clearly looking forward to it. We have to admit, we are pretty excited about it as well. The event will streamed live too for everybody to watch who can’t attend. We’ll have that stream available here for you to definitely watch. In the meantime, what is your opinion (or hope) Nvidia’s announcement is going to be at GDC 2015? Let us know within the comments below!