Dead Trigger 2 Valentine’s Heart Attack update is here to bring love to the zombie apocalypse

Written by AndrewH

A day or two ago we mentioned that Madfinger Games could be pushing out a Valentine’s Day themed update for Dead Trigger 2. Well the update, officially called Cardiac arrest, is now available on Google Play for anyone who has Dead Trigger 2 installed.

Dead Trigger 2 will have Valentine’s decorations throughout the game during the period of Valentine’s Day weekend. This is especially true in ‘The Hideout’ where there are lots of reminders now as to what you’re fighting for, your loved ones.

Outside of the visuals, Dead Trigger 2 will have special tournament events going on a few days ago. Players will be able to compete so that they can be one of the best people in the Resistance. Doing so will get you special prizes with this weekend only.

Besides the Valentine’s Day stuff, Dead Trigger 2 now has support for Android TV, enabling you to play on your giant screen in fully optimized fashion. We are seeing a number of gameplay improvements, difficulty balancing, and much more optimization across a variety of devices. This update is now live and can be downloaded when you possess a moment to spare.

Dead Trigger 2 (Playboard) | Dead Trigger 2 (Play Store)