Bandai Namco releases an update for their TCG called Outcast Odyssey

Written by AndrewH

Bandai Namco had pushed out an update today which brings newer and more effective features to their free-to-play collectible card game called Outcast Odyssey. This marks the first major update hitting the sport and with it a whole new event system for players to partake in when they want to. This new event system is called Brogan’s Challenge.

This new event system features different loot and prizes that players and guilds can win when they participate in it. Players will be able to visit new locations to defend myself against special monsters so that they can win said loot and prizes, which could end up being on their own or their guild.

On top of the new event system, you will find new Event Bundles obtainable in the game’s store. These allow lower-level explorers to sign up during these adventures with useful cards and items. In other word, if you are not a high level character and wish to participate in the challenges, these bundles is going to be open to help you out. You don’t have to buy them to participate though. There’s also new super rare and epic cards readily available for players to obtain.

If you currently play Outcast Odyssey, this update is now survive Google Play and can be downloaded anytime. For anyone who want to try the sport out, you can download Outcast Odyssey from Google play free of charge.

Outcast Odyssey (Playboard) | Outcast Odyssey (Play Store)