Android Game Sale Round-Up: Star Command, Re-Volt, Modern Combat 5 and more

Written by AndrewH

It ‘s time once again for our weekend round-up of all the Android games which are for sale at this time. This week’s round-up actually includes a decent amount of games on sale, many of which are pretty big titles with Modern Combat 5: Blackout, The small Bang Story, Star Command and more.

A few of the games on this list have been for sale for awhile now, showing up within the last few rounds-up we’ve done. Typically though most of the titles about this week’s round-up are new. So without further delay on our part, here is this week’s listing of Android games currently on sale at this time.

Re-Volt Classic Premium (Playboard) | Re-Volt Classic Premium (Play Store)
Modern Combat 5: Blackout (Playboard) | Modern Combat 5: Blackout (Play Store)
Star Command (Playboard) | Star Command (Play Store)
Siege of the Necromancer (Playboard) | Siege from the Necromancer (Play Store)
Assassin in Orlandes (Playboard) | Assassin in Orlandes (Play Store)
The Tiny Bang Story (Playboard) | The small Bang Story (Play Store)
Royal Trouble (Playboard) | Royal Trouble (Play Store)
Mystery from the Opera (Playboard) | Mystery of the Opera (Play Store)
Vampires: Todd and Jessica (Playboard) | Vampires: Todd and Jessica (Play Store)
Rooster Teeth vs Zombiens (Playboard) | Rooster Teeth vs Zombiens (Play Store)
Warhammer 40K: Carnage (Playboard) | Warhammer 40K: Carnage (Play Store)
Dark Frontier (Playboard) | Dark Frontier (Play Store)
Phantom Rift (Playboard) | Phantom Rift (Play Store)
Dark Dungeons RPG (Playboard) | Dark Dungeons RPG (Play Store)

Also remember about Amazon giving away over $140 price of games and apps at this time on their marketplace. Actually many people should have all of those right now as most games have been out for a while. If you don’t have 80 Days yet, you might like to snag that from Amazon while it is free.

As always, should you spot a game on sale that’s not on our list, tell us within the comments below and we’ll add it so everyone is able to make the most of saving a couple of bucks.