The Developer of Goat Simulator is Publishing a Game About Censorship

Written by Zack Kaplan

The Westport Independent produced by Double Zero One Zero is being authored by Coffee Stain Studios, the developer of the hit Goat Simulator. Unlike Goat Simulator though, The Westport Independent has no goats in it.

Unlike Goat Simulator, The Westport Independent is really a serious game, in which you act as a newspaper editor inside a post-war country with run by Loyalists who who are keeping track of all goings on, in fear of Rebel uprising. The choices you make on how to report the news change and shape the planet around you. The Loyalist government is definitely watching so you’ve to be careful with what you do.

There is no release date by yet, but expect it arrive at Android, along with iOS and PC, this season.?

Website Referenced: PocketGamer