Monster Heroes is now out, lets you go into head-to-head combat with monsters

Written by Ryan Ballard

Azerbo, the developers for Monster Heroes, have now released their game onto Google Play. Within this game, players assume the role of junior tamer Lucas, who tries to catch, train, and evolve monsters (problem?) in the bid in order to save the planet.

The game currently includes over 100 monsters, with the commitment of more to become added each and every update. Gameplay consists of players drawing their attacks on the screen that they desire their monsters to do, with the attack’s efficacy for the way well it had been drawn. The monster’s perform elemental attacks, considering composed of Fire, water, earth and wind attacks, as players strive to exploit weaknesses through favorable match-ups.

Monster Heroes Features:

– Capture new monsters for your team – Over 100 monsters to capture and evolve with new monsters added every update
– Evolve your monsters into powerful creatures C Each monster can evolve into impressive beasts.
– Tap and draw your monster attacks C Master the drawings of the team’s monsters to make them fight in their full potential
– Countless different elemental skills! C Fire, water, earth and wind attacks are all available in the sport! Choose your team wisely to exploit elemental weaknesses
– Explore a thrilling 3D world C Monster Heroes world is in full 3D and they are monsters of the game

The press release made no reference to Google Play Games. Monster Heroes is available now for free with IAPs. You can get a better concept of the sport by checking out the trailer within the video below.

Monster Heroes (Playboard) | Monster Heroes (Play Store)