Remote Play Port brings Playstation Remote Play to non-Xperia Android phones

Written by AndrewH

Sony’s Playstation Remote Play is really a handy little service for Playstation owners but it requires certain Xperia model Android devices. This leaves a lot of people out in the dark with regards to using Playstation Remote Play because they do not own the right Android device. It sucks because if you need to use the service, you are basically forced into buying an Xperia Android phone. However there is an unofficial app available that will allow you to employ Playstation Remote Experience non-Xperia Android phones.

Developed by TheScriptKitty, which is a great name on many levels, this application is known as Remote Play Port, or RPP for short. There’s two different versions of this application, a ‘full’ version that includes everything you need like the Remote Play App, DualShockManger App, and the require files to show the PS4 Remote Play Icon underneath the “Connect to PS4” tab within the PlayStation App. There’s also a Minimal version which will come with just the Remote Play App.

If you are not acquainted with what Playstation Remote Play actually is, basically it is a similar service regarding Nvidia’s Gamestream but instead of streaming Computer games to your Android device using Gamestream, gamers are now able to play Playstation 4 games on their own Xperia Android devices. However the whole service was designed to be used with just Sony Xperia phones meaning everyone else wouldn’t be in a position to love playing PS4 games on their Android device. The Remote Play Port changes this so you can play these games on your non-Xperia device of choice.

Of course you also have to possess the particular console to be able to make the most of Remote Play. There is an automatic install readily available for each version mentioned previously along with the manual installation steps, with instructions for both. You are able to follow this app’s development over on its official XDA thread as well as download the right APK file and installation instructions. You’ll be able to enjoy those lovely PS4 games in your Android device.

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