Friday Android Game Sales: Pretty much the same as mid-week but with a few changes

Written by AndrewH

Usually when we do our Android Game Sales round-ups the mid-week one and also the final Friday round-up are, typically, pretty different. However once in a rare although it actually ends up being mostly the same. Here is the case with this particular week except there are some changes.

So we’ve gone through the entire listing of games from the mid-week list, designed a few adjustments, so we have the official Friday round-up of Android games which are for sale. The actually list is identical from mid-week but with a couple of additions to it that are located in the Amazon Games Sale section close to the bottom.

Kemco Games

Covenant of Solitude (Playboard) | Covenant of Solitude (Play Store)
Knight of the Earthends (Playboard) | Knight from the Earthends (Play Store)
Infinite Dunamis (Playboard) | Infinite Dunamis (Play Store)
Bonds from the Skies (Playboard) | Bonds from the Skies (Play Store)
Soul of Deva (Playboard) | Soul of Deva (Play Store)
Destiny Fantasia (Playboard) | Destiny Fantasia (Play Store)
Journey to Kreisia (Playboard) | Journey to Kreisia (Play Store)
Soul Historica (Playboard) | Soul Historica (Play Store)

SNK Playmore

Metal Slug X (Playboard) | Metal Slug X (Play Store)
Metal Slug 2 (Playboard) | Metal Slug 2 (Play Store)
Metal Slug 3 (Playboard) | Metal Slug 3 (Play Store)
Metal Slug (Playboard) | Metal Slug (Play Store)

Other Games

Warhammer 40K: Carnage (Playboard) | Warhammer 40K: Carnage (Play Store)
Baldur’s Gate II (Playboard) | Baldur’s Gate II (Play Store)
Oddworld: Stranger’s Wrath (Playboard) | Oddworld: Stranger’s Wrath (Play Store)
The Forgotten Spell (Playboard) | The Forgotten Spell (Play Store)
Dark Frontier (Playboard) | Dark Frontier (Play Store)
Adventure Bar Story (Playboard) | Adventure Bar Story (Play Store)
Phantom Rift (Playboard) | Phantom Rift (Play Store)
Deadly Dungeons (Playboard) | Deadly Dungeons (Play Store)

Amazon Appstore Games

– 80 Days by Inkle for sale for $0.99 (Available Here)

– Banner Saga by Versus Evil for sale for $4.99 (Available Here)

– Threes by Sirvo for sale for $0.99 (Available Here)

– Monument Valley by ustwo on sale for $0.99 (Available Here)

– Valiant Hearts by Ubisoft on sale for $0.99 (Available Here)

– Kingdom Rush: Origins (Kindle Version) by Ironhide for sale for $0.99 (Available Here)

– The Wolf In our midst Season Pass is 50% off (Download Here)

– 10% of the Amazon Coins back on select Hearthstone Booster packs (Download Here)

If you spot any other games for sale either on Amazon’s Appstore or Google Play, tell us in the comments below so everyone can benefit from the discounts!