ZeptoLab’s next game is King of Thieves and it isn’t a puzzle game

Written by AndrewH

So far ZeptoLab is known for their puzzle games that they have released, the main one to be the Cut The Rope franchise and also to a smaller extent Pudding Monsters. However it looks like the organization is branching from the puzzle genre using their next game which is called King of Thieves.

The announcement came via the company’s YouTube channel where they posted a rather short teaser trailer plus a description from the game itself. King of Thieves looks to become a mash-up of a few genres including Tower Defense and Platformer however with multiplayer PvP added to the mix as well. Actually the multiplayer aspect of the game is really more like an enormous multiplayer title.

There is not a good deal of details about King of Thieves at this time and the official website for that game does not have anything either. There is a new Twitter account for the game where ZeptoLab will be posting additional details with time because the game gets nearer to be finished and released.

For now we will have to accept rapid trailer and little details. In terms of when King of Thieves will arrive, all that has been said is it will be coming ‘soon’ and for free.

Official Website: King of Thieves