Cheats4Hire coming to Android later this month

Written by Ryan Ballard

Later this month, TRAVIAN GAMES is placed to release Cheats4Hire. In this game, players make an effort to guide several students through a school year, so that all of them pass, only they’re using every cheat and trick within the book. The graphics for this game were designed by Sean Galloway, of renown in the realm of comics (think Spectacular Spider-Man Tv show, among other things). The press release mentioned specifically the game will be for tablets.

Players come in control of navigating several teens and their mentor with the students’ school work, albeit dishonestly. The game will offer challenges to become solved instantly, with the group being employed as a group; they all need to pass or the challenge isn’t considered to have been solved. The scholars in the group may have different skills to contribute (crib sheets, distractions to help keep the teacher away, etc), and much more skills are acquired as players progress through the game.

Cheats4Hire Features:

– Simple game concept: Control three characters instantly, use and combine their skills and interact as a team to achieve success.
– Challenging missions: Missions could be led to various grades, following the American school system, guaranteeing a variety of challenges for each player.
– Team management: Level up your cheaters and gain access to new skills and upgrades.
– “Crafting”: Use materials you’ve collected to create special gadgets, making the gaming experience much more fun.
– Create your own cheaters’ club: Decorate the club room as you can see fit by placing special objects that can be unlocked through achievements.
– An attractive story: Receive an emotional story, told in game scenes and comic cut scenes, while you follow Joseph and the team during the period of the college year.

There are also “special gadgets” that can be built from various objects collected throughout the game, and a club house that can be customized. There will also be varying standards within the missions: the higher the standard, the greater the grade. We’ll post an update when the game hits Google Play.

Official Website: Cheats4Hire