[UPDATE: Game Released] Gameloft announces Dungeon Hunter 5 release date, it will be coming in two weeks

Written by AndrewH

The next installment into the Dungeon Hunter franchise by Gameloft finally includes a release date and it is a lot closer than you may be thinking. Dungeon Hunter 5 will be arriving onto Android this month and, actually, it will be arriving in less then two weeks.

[UPDATE: March 11th, 10:05 PM, PST] All fans from the Dungeon Hunter series, your wait is finally over! The latest epic action-adventure game from Gameloft is now reside in google’s Play Store. You are able to download the sport for free. However, you will find in-app purchases hanging around, if you undertake to consider benefit of them. The game is also a pretty hefty download, weighing in at over 1 gig. After you have downloaded the game, tell us what you believe of the changes that Gameloft has implemented. The link to download the sport reaches the end of this article.

We have covered Dungeon Hunter 5 extensively already on this site with our hands-on during CES 2015 as well as the most recent trailer we got to talk about last month. Should you missed all of that, basically Dungeon Hunter 5 is really a true sequel, continuing the story from the previous Dungeon Hunter title. However everything has been rebuilt in the ground-up in addition to a new gear leveling system in place, new animation and graphics, new multiplayer gameplay, and pretty much new everything.

So when can you get your hands on Dungeon Hunter 5? Gameloft has a release date for Android as being March 12th, 2015 that is 10 days away. In other words waiting for is nearly over. We will post an update when the game actually hits Google Play.

Official Website: Dungeon Hunter 5

Dungeon Hunter 5 (Playboard) | Dungeon Hunter 5 (Play Store)