[GDC 2015] Hands-on with Paradox Interactive’s upcoming Knights of Pen and Paper 2

Written by AndrewH

Announced a few days before the oncoming of GDC 2015, Paradox Interactive were built with a copy of their new sequel to Knights of Pen and Paper on hands during GDC 2015 to go hands-on with. The firs game would be a large amount of fun so fondling the sequel in advance was high on our priority list of things you can do after walking up a massive hill to get to our ending up in Paradox Interactive.

If you aren’t familiar with this franchise, basically you have tabletop RPG gaming delivered to your mobile phone where you play as both DM (Dungeon Master) along with your virtual number of friends sitting at the table what you are DMing for. Knights of Pen and Paper 2 is a great looking game which is ironically the first thing we noticed when examining it. While the original game was full of 8-bit visuals, Knights of Pen and Paper 2 will be decorated with 16-bit graphics. So it isnt just a sequel in content but additionally over time frame, sort of like the progression of consoles in real life.

The goal in this game would be to stop an excellent evil from making the entire world unplayable. This will occur may be the dreaded ‘version 2 ruleset’ turns into a reality. Without attempting to give away the whole storyline and plot, players is going to be trying to chase down the main villain in this game who is attempting to spread this new ruleset throughout the land. Since you and your party run on the initial ruleset, if this villain succeeds he’ll result in the entire world unplayable to you, essentially ending you and all you stand for.

Once again there is plenty of humor involved in farmville just like the original had as well. When creating a personality, you choose class, race, as well as an actual player. Don’t forget, you are also the DM in this game so you’ve to pick your players! The audience consists of teenagers so that your players can become some pretty interesting combinations such as a Hipster Dwarf Paladin or a Goth Elf Thief. After that you’re able to put points in the appropriate abilities in order to start making your build and you are off and away to save the land! Each character has two main builds which are possible as well as the capability to make any kind of hybrid build of abilities and passives, all of which are viable to use to get at the finish. Granted the hybrid builds will be harder.

One vast improvement over the original game is the inventory system. It has been greatly expanded upon because the original game were built with a limited style of inventory system. Addititionally there is the ability to craft items and equipment that you may want to use on the way. Combat has also seen some tweaks and improvements to it as well, adding a little more of a need to be strategic. Section of Effect spells and talents can now be either in a circle area, or follow a horizontal line of enemies (since enemies can be in rows). Elemental alignments are also anything in this sequel so you will have to keep close track of that whenever attacking a monster.

There will also be lots of new environments to understand more about in this sequel. The chiptune music is new too and sounds very good which, if you’re a fan of chiptune music, is always a plus. Even though we simply got to play a little bit of Knights of Pen and Paper 2, we were pretty much hooked on it right away. So if you’re a fan of the initial games, you should be looking forward to this sequel. When it comes to pricing, Paradox Interactive told us that we can get the price for this sequel to be with around the same price as the original. We determined that would be the case in our original coverage of this game’s announcement.