Square Enix officially confirms that Final Fantasy: Record Keeper is coming to Android

Written by AndrewH

Square Enix has announced that they will be bringing another Final Fantasy spin-off game to Android. While the company won’t be bringing any one of their full Final Fantasy games from FF7 and up to mobile any time soon, a minimum of they are still determined to bring as numerous spin-off games to mobile as they possibly can. So with that said, Square Enix’s new game is known as Final Fantasy: Record Keeper.

So what’s farmville all about? Well Square Enix (who has teamed up with DeNA with this) says that it’ll be the “ultimate Final Fantasy experience for fans from the franchise” and from the sound of this game, it may actually accomplish that. Why? Because Final Fantasy: Record Keeper lets players experience all their favorite moments from all of the ultimate Fantasy games. Which means in the original Final Fantasy completely up to the newest title. This means that all of the main characters from past games are in this one.

On top of that, all of the character in-game can be completely customized and equipped with iconic gear, powerful spells, summons, and countless weapon coming from all the previous games. Battles in Final Fantasy: Record Keeper use Square Enix’s ATB (Active Time Battle) system all of which are from past games too but happen to be come up with like a brand-new storyline. The whole concept is actually pretty interesting, taking all the really fun areas of past games, along with all the characters, and putting everything into one game having a whole new story to play through.

So when are you able to get your hands on Final Fantasy: Record Keeper? Well as of at this time Square Enix is proclaiming that it will be released onto Android sometime this Spring. No specific release date was handed though nor a cost although as this is a group up with DeNA, there’s a good chance it will likely be free to download. In the meantime, benefit from the trailer below. You can pre-register for the game over around the official website to receive carefully selected presents if this does launch.

Official Website: Final Fantasy: Record Keeper