[Update: Beta and Release Date] Upcoming Action-RPG Taichi Panda gets a new cinematic trailer, Android version to be released soon

Written by AndrewH

One game that includes a lot of people’s interest and that we have been following its journey to Android is Snail Games’ upcoming Acton-RPG title called Taichi Panda. Originally announced before CES 2015, we wound up playing around by having an early form of the game for some minutes during CES 2015. Since then the game continues to be under development, getting everything polished and, eventually, having been released onto iOS now. So where is the Android version?

Update: March 10th, 2015 6:51am PST: We heard back from Snail Games who mentioned to us that a soft launch/beta happens to be happening in a couple of locations – Australia and Canada (rumor has it Austria also). This beta test runs until March 12th, 2015 and is available to anyone in those regions. We’ve added the link to the blog post from Snail Games containing the beta access link to the foot of this short article. We also were advised that everyone can get to experience Taichi Panda after this month.

Well have no fear, the Android version is coming and soon. Nevertheless it was released onto iOS first a week ago right before GDC 2015. When we played with Taichi Panda in January 2015 during CES it had been pretty enjoyable, especially on Snail Games’ OBox console.

Taichi Panda Features:

– 3D graphics and environments, having a goofy, vibrant art style.
– Fast-paced action game play with exciting boss battles and challenges.
– RPG-style player progression with equipment, skills, pets, etc.
– Online multiplayer, including real-time PvP and Team Dungeons.

In the meantime, in the end wait for the Android version to arrive, there’s a new cinematic trailer that was released during GDC 2015 for Taichi Panda which you can check out in the video below. We’ve contacted Snail Games to get an update on once the Android version will land on Google Play, hopefully some thing specific than simply ‘coming soon’.

Website Referenced: Taichi Panda Beta