[GDC 2015] Com2uS and their upcoming game line-up for this year

Written by AndrewH

GDc is a great event to sit down with developers of all sizes to talk about current and future titles heading to the world of mobile gaming on Android. We’ve got to take a seat with Com2uS this season to take a look at what is in route in the near future as well as what we can expect to see 6-8 months in the future.

If you aren’t acquainted with Com2uS, this company develops in addition to publishes a variety of games across multiple genres. Originally finding success within the Korean market, they have expanded in to the Western markets over the past few years on Android and intend to continue to bring their currently successful games in Korea, and new unreleased games, to everyone.

Com2uS has a busy year ahead of them for 2015 if the roadmap we were shown is any indication of what to expect. Right now there are around 7 new games slated for release onto Android this season and that’s excluding updates to current games that are also planned to be pushed out during the period of 2015. The newest update was really a week ago with the launch of Guild Battles in Summoners War which was also released this year.

Out of the current roadmap, two games have previously seen global launches this season – Summoners War and Soul Seeker: Rise from the Devils. Both of these games are RPGs and Com2uS includes a third one that will be arriving soon called East Legend. This specific game is a team-based RPG with 3D visuals as well as an overall Eastern theme into it, hence the name. East Legend will have players forming several 4 heroes which you’ll change with different ones that you meet up along the way.

East Legend Features:

– Become the Superb Knight to find the Chalice and shut the Hell Gates!
– Meet powerful Heroes of 5 different attributes!
– Assemble your team with various Classes to assert victory!
– Combat the Boss with your friends in the Boss Raid!
– Defeat the ultimate devil in the Hell Raid!
– Participate in the fierce PvP in the Colosseum!
– Challenge your limits in the Tower of Babel!
– Power-up, Evolve and Surpass Heroes and items for the ultimate power!
– Go into the Treasure Dungeon for special rewards!

One thing you will probably find in farmville are plenty of social elements to it as well including inviting a friend’s hero to help you on your journey as well as PvP being offered. East Legend is slated for release onto Android next month meaning there is a soft launch / beta test happening at this time in specific regions (Canada, Australia, Netherlands, Philippines, Sweden, Italy, Spain, Mexico, Singapore, Malaysia).

In relation to sports games, Com2uS has had a lot of success with their 9 Innings franchise and there’s a new one heading our way later this year called 9 Innings Manager. Although this game continues to be under development and does not be coming out for awhile, we are able to assume by the title that this could be more of a sim game like other ‘Manager’ style titles that are on Android, with the exception that it will likely be based off of the 9 Innings franchise.

The remaining line-up for Com2uS features more casual-style games. A few of these do not have the official title yet either but what we can tell you may be the kind of games they’re. There will be at least one hidden object puzzle game. You will actually be a variety of mini games from the sounds of it. There’s a game called Action Puzzle Town coming at some point this year in addition to one called Danceville.

Finally you’ll also have a brand new accessory for the house Run Battle franchise too although we do not come with an official title for your one either. At this time the largest release within the immediate future is East Legend which is launching globally in April 2015. 9 Innings Manager is slated for release sometime in the Fall 2015. Of course as more facts are released about any of these games, we will be sure to post about them.

Developer Website: Com2uS

East Legend (Playboard) | East Legend (Play Store)