Second Screen Multiplayer and Game Controller Coming to Android TV

Written by Zack Kaplan

Google revealed Nearby Connections API for Android TV today at Game Developer’s Conference (GDC).

The API will allow game developers to make use of multiple second screen devices at once with Android TV. Meaning, that multiple smartphones or tablets can be used as second screen game controllers for multiplayer games.?Controllers are?synced?using the same Wi-Fi connection. Developers will have their (virtual) on the job the API over the following couple weeks, as the launch for that general gaming public will be this summer.

Sounds pretty neat in my experience, while I am a stickler for actual controllers, yes even if playing Android games, this appears like a great way for those with Android TV to experience multiplayer games. Just have your pals bring their phones or tablets for your place, unless they do not use Android I guess in that case you most likely shouldn’t associate with them.

Website Referenced: The Next Web