Pivot is a new minimalistic arcade game for your Android device

Written by AndrewH

NVS, the developers behind the recently released Bing Bong game we reported on not too long ago, has released a new game onto Android called Pivot. Actually this new game is incorporated in the same minimalistic style as their previous release Bing Bong but that’s just visually. Gameplay-wise it’s a different game.

Pivot is yet another one-touch infinite game where players move around a blue circle with the goal of collecting the white dots, which earns you points, while avoiding the colored squares (and other shapes), which earns you death instead of points. You want to be as durable as you possibly can, getting the most points as possible, without dying.

This is among those great time killers for when you’re waiting in a line or awaiting a doctors appointment. Obviously that’s before you get real good at it. Pivot gets harder as time passes so eventually you will die however, your play time will get longer the greater you receive at surviving.

Pivot can be obtained from Google Play free of charge and is Ad supported. There’s one IAP in the game to remove ads if you wish to do so.

Pivot (Playboard) | Pivot (Play Store)