Crescent Moon Games finally releases Space Chicks onto Google Play today

Written by AndrewH

Crescent Moon Games has finally brought their action-filled endless running platformer Space Chicks to Google Play today. Originally this game debuted in the Crescent Moon Games themed Humble Bundle but when that ended Space Chicks was not readily available for other people to experience… until now.

For those of you no familiar with farmville, Space Chicks is exactly what you’d call an endless platformer. What this means is that Space Chicks is an endless runner but things are set up in a platformer type of game. Which means you won’t you need to be running inside a straight line dodging hazards. Controls are super simple, just tap the screen to jump from planet to planet, collecting coins and avoiding hazards.

Space Chicks Features:

– Simple controls
– Great soundtrack and visuals (Music composed by John Hoge)
– Lots of fun
– Plenty of entertaining power-ups
– Local an internet-based multiplayer

?Obviously on the way you will find power-ups that you will be able to take advantage of, such as the Space Car or the Chick Hammer. Even though your main control would be to jump, you can kill enemies too, so you aren’t just avoiding everything. Lastly, you are able to compete with friends online or play with a buddy with same-device multiplayer. Oh, and don’t forget to save the chicks!

Like most endless genre games, Space Chicks is available for download from Google Play free of charge and does contain optional IAPs should you want to use those. You can check out the game in action within the trailer below.

Space Chicks (Playboard) | Space Chicks (Play Store)