[Update: Released] Noodlecake Games will be bringing Buzz Killem to Android this Thursday

Written by AndrewH

Noodlecake Games has announced what their next release is going to be and it is a game title called Buzz Killem. For anyone unfamiliar with this game, Buzz Killem is definitely an arcade platformer featuring retro-style graphics in a pretty face-paced game.

Update: February 26th, 2015 07:07am PST: Buzz Killem is here onto Google Pla right on time. And it’s also available too on Amazon’s Appstore. Both marketplace’s happen to be linked at the bottom want to know ,.

Buzz Killem follows the story of the retired war veteran who ends up being called back into action after an Alien invasion happens on Earth. Since Buzz Killem lives in America, he will be setting out to prevent the Alien invasion there by using a variety of weaponry. You’ll be defending locations like the Statue of Liberty and Grand Central Station from said Aliens.

Buzz Killem Features:

? Multiple Stages having a number of missions to accomplish
? Smooth on-screen controls and platformer gameplay.
? Retro graphics, sound clips, and music!
? Tons of unlockables! New outfits, new guns, and new power-ups are yours to take!

Players is going to be put in various battle arenas with a number of objectives to accomplish but through the use of a more platformer style of gameplay. When the game hits Google Play now, it’ll cost you $0.99 and it’ll also have optional IAPs too for coins that are accustomed to unlock items like outfits and guns. These are optional IAPs and everything could be unlocked just through playing the game itself.

We will post an update once Buzz Killem is available on the internet Play.

Amazon Marketplace: Buzz Killem

Buzz Killem (Playboard) | Buzz Killem (Play Store)