Crazy Taxi: City Rush gets updated with the Hot Wheels Bone Shaker car

Written by AndrewH

Today SEGA has pushed out just a little update for his or her Crazy Taxi: City Rush game which adds an especially cool car to the game. This update is kind of a team effort with SEGA joining forces with Mattel to create the Wheels Bone Shaker choose to Crazy Taxi: City Rush.

The inclusion of the Bone Shaker car is actually a part of a bigger Hot Wheels event happening in-game now. Besides being able to drive this new car, players can collect Hot Wheels Tokens to win exclusive customizations, diamonds, and dollars.

This event is just for a short time so you might as well appreciate it when you can. The Bone Shaker car is pretty slick. Crazy Taxi: City Rush can be obtained for download from Google Play for free.

Crazy Taxi: City Rush (Playboard) | Crazy Taxi: City Rush (Play Store)