Liber Primus Games announced the sequel Narborion Saga Book II: The God Of Orcs, arriving next month

Written by AndrewH

Back in November 2014 Liber Primus Games released Narborion onto Android. This is basically a Choose Your Own Adventure type of RPG like those books from during the 80’s or any other mobile titles from Tin Man Games. Nevertheless the Narborion series is a little different since it features such things as dynamic storytelling, side quests and mini games.

The first game within the Narborion series has been doing pretty good by itself since its release. Since that time the developers happen to be working on the 2nd accessory for the series called Narborion Saga Book II: The God Of Orcs which will continue the story in the first game. Narborion Saga II is compiled by Sylvia Finali and Dr Tom Pollak, a professional novelist and former editor in chief of Dragon, the most popular Dungeons & Dragons role playing game magazine.

While there isn’t a lot of details regarding Narborion Saga II, there’s one interesting feature that has been announced that will bring the world of tabletop RPGs in to the game. Players can scan a picture of the carefully crafted and painted table top figurine into the game. Essentially you can now bring your personal customized character in to the game to play as.

On surface of that, Narborion Saga II will feature enhancements to spell crafting and arena fight training where players can combat multiple enemies. Lastly new content is going to be released in future updates on a monthly basis.

Narborion Saga II is going to be arriving onto Google Play and Amazon’s Appstore in March 2015. There is no specific date announced as of yet. Meanwhile, you should check out the Narborion Saga II trailer in the video below. We will post an update once we find out more about the sport so when it is released.