World’s Biggest Jigsaw is now out on Amazon’s Appstore

Written by Ryan Ballard

From the creators of World’s Biggest Wordsearch, World’s Biggest Crossword and World’s Biggest Sudoku, AppyNation and Supersonic Software are announcing the release of World’s Biggest Jigsaw. Just like the other games that they’ve released, this game is presented by means of a grid that gets released as players progress through it.

The game consists of over 400 different jigsaw puzzles, in addition to Trophies, Achievements, and Quests (though no reference to Google Play Games). The game also allows replay at varying difficulty levels, when a level continues to be completed; the press release mentions that the given puzzle can be split into *up to* 100 pcs, plus an option to rotate how they fit, if normal jigsaw puzzles aren’t challenging enough already.

World’s Biggest Jigsaw Features: