Gamevil will be releasing updates for Darkness Reborn, Elune Saga and Spirit Stones this month

Written by AndrewH

Gamevil continues to be quite the busy company to date in 2015 with new games released, deals being designed for much more games, so we have discovered the company intends to push out updates to a minimum of three of the newer, and larger, games on Android. This month Gamevil intends to release updates for Darkness Reborn, Elune Saga, and Spirit Stones.

February is popping out to be considered a pretty big month for Gamevil. Yesterday we reported on two major deals the company has signed to bring two different MMO games to mobile. These deals were for the license to help developer and publish Kingdom Under Fire Mobile (current working title) in conjunction with Dragonfly, that your sort of MMORPG/MOBA hybrid, in addition to making the same sort of cope with Ginno Games for his or her Diablo-style MMORPG called Devilian. Gamevil can also be dealing with XL Games to create Archeage to Android at some stage in the long run.

This is on top of all of the current projects Gamevil appears to be working on and now we find out there Darkness Reborn, Elune Saga, and Spirit Stones all will be receiving big content updates this month. This is actually the breakdown of what is coming with each update:

Elune Saga

Elune Saga’s Guild Battle will prove to add a new level of competition as people in exactly the same guild make an effort to defeat an opposing guild’s guardian. Every week from Monday to Friday, players will prepare for battle by giving Spirits for their Guardians to improve each Guardian’s Level and Shield. On Saturdays and Sundays, players can participate in the Guild Battle twice daily and compete to win rewards and rise in weekly rankings. Combined with the Guild Battle, this update features a new hero called Dianna, a commanding Gunner character who increases her party’s Attack by 1%.

Darkness Reborn

Darkness Reborn and Elune Saga

Darkness Reborn’s update includes a new map known as the Ladune Desert, bringing the entire number of maps to four. This desert-themed map has fifteen stages, each with normal and difficult modes, where players will encounter three new bosses, collect new weapons and armor, and finish a brand new set of achievements. In addition to Ladune Desert map, the update will add Wings towards the item shop, which not just give characters a pleasing appeal, but additionally increase their stats.

Spirit Stones

Darkness Reborn and Elune Saga

Spirit Stones is going to be introducing mission stages along with a new continent in the February update. Each quest will include a mission stage presenting players with one of three challenges: take a limited number of turns to clear a stage, break certain blocks to deal harm to someone else in charge, or use one leader to safeguard three “citizens” and pay off the stage. The new continent, known as the Land of Trials, has five areas, each area with six stages, and every stage with four mini stages. Players don’t need to clear previous continents to enter, but should be at level 40 or above to enter, play, and retrieve exclusive UR equipment.

Unfortunately we don’t have exact dates for that release of these updates. We all do know that they’ll be arriving this month. The 3 games are available for free on Google Play in case you want to snag one of these and provide it a whirl.

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