Popular creepy PC game LIMBO finally arrives onto Google Play

Written by AndrewH

Back in February 2012 we reported on popular and creepy looking PC game LIMBO coming to Android. Well it would appear that the sport has finally made the long journey from PC to Android today after three years passing since we reported onto it originally. While we have experienced several games concentrating on the same styles to LIMBO, for example LAD, there is something to become said about having the original game to experience.

For those of you not familiar with this game or missed our previous coverage, LIMBO has been released onto numerous platforms besides PC including Playstation 3, Xbox Live, Playstatin Vita and even iOS. Actually Android is really the final platform to obtain farmville. LIMBO is all about a boy who is trying to find his sister that has disappeared. Uncertain of what is becoming of her, you take her brother into Limbo inside a search to locate her, or at best to find out what went down to her.

LIMBO is a black and white side-scrolling puzzle platformer which incorporates physics into the mix. Among the draws to LIMBO may be the atmosphere the game has. This really is largely because of the black-and-white shades the visuals have along with the lighting, film grain effects and ambient sounds the game has. You’ll be guiding this young boy through various environments, avoiding traps along with other hazards, when you search for your sister.

If you have been awaiting LIMBO to arrive for Android all of this time, the wait is finally over. LIMBO is available off of Google Play for $4.99. You can check out the game in action within the video below.

LIMBO (Playboard) | LIMBO (Play Store)