Amazon’s Free App of the Day is Guns ‘n’ Glory Heroes Premium

Written by AndrewH

Amazon’s Appstore has a pretty good game up today for their daily Free App During the day feature. Today it’s Handy Games’ fantasy-themed title called Guns ‘n’ Glory Heroes. The interesting thing about this game, aside from the fact it is fun to play, is it is the only title in the Guns ‘n’ Glory franchise that’s not a tower defense game, a minimum of based on the developers. Instead it’s called an Action-RPG title.

In reality though, it’s still kind of a tower defense game but more like the castle siege style with RPG elements layered about it. Guns ‘n’ Glory Heroes has orcs, dragons, and other nasty monsters invading your land and seeking to eliminate the castles within it. It is your job to stop this from happening. You’ll do that by controlling your group of heroes in an attempt to defeat the waves of monsters that come at you.

Guns ‘n’ Glory Heroes Features:

– Fantasy Action RPG game with Elves and Dwarves
– Take control of your party of heroes within their battle against Orcs
– Use and improve powerful combat abilities
– Journey into forests, swamps and snowy mountains
– Face deadly dragons and dangerous traps
– Improve your equipment and defend mighty castles
– Collect challenging achievements and beat your friends’ scores

You party of heroes consists of Arlon, the Knight of Light, the Dwarven warrior Smirl and Eloa, the Elven wizard. With these heroes and their unique powers, you’ll make an effort to kill every enemy which comes at you. Should you purchase this premium version (regular prices are $5.99) on the normal day, you’d have no ads as well as an extra 750 coins available. However, throughout today you can pick up Guns ‘n’ Glory Heroes for free from Amazon’s Appstore and save six bucks.

Amazon Appstore: Guns ‘n’ Glory Heroes