Madfist HD and Madfist Retro now available as free downloads on Google Play

Written by AndrewH

The developers behind a pair of rather addictive games, called Madfist and Madfist Retro, have decided to release free versions of every one onto Google Play. Both versions offer up the sport free of charge with ads supporting each one.

Madfist and Madfist Retro both have players having to tap the screen at just the best time in to squash whatever is underneath the giant fist they are controlling. This can be anything for example soldiers, zombies, animals, ghosts, and so on. The aim is to collect as numerous points as you can before you decide to miss squashing something and your hist hits the ground rather than its intended target.

Madfist Features:

– Google Play Game Services.
– An international leaderboard
– Bite-sized and replayable
– Unlock all of the achievements
– Score enough suggests unlock new worlds
– Multiple worlds: Zombies, military, dinos, aliens, ghosts and many more
– Share your score on Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, Instagram, Google+, email, sms, Skype and Hangouts.

The difference between the 2 versions is incorporated in the visuals. Madfist HD has HD visuals while the retro version features 8-bit graphics. Both versions have the same content otherwise. If you like the game but don’t such as the ads, you can buy the ad-free versions of every one for $0.99 through a single IAP inside each game.

Madfist Retro (Playboard) | Madfist Retro (Play Store)
Madfist HD (Playboard) | Madfist HD (Play Store)