Android Game Sale Round-up: Oscura: Second Shadow, Witcher Adventure Game, and more

Written by AndrewH

It’s Friday and therefor the time is right for an additional round-up of all of the Android games which are on sale right now. This is another week where the list may not be that big but the titles on the list are pretty good, there should be something on there that you desire to obtain.

So without further delay, here’s this week’s round-up of Android games that are for sale.

Zombies, Run! 5K Training (Playboard) | Zombies, Run! 5K Training (Play Store)
Sentinel 4: Dark Star (Playboard) | Sentinel 4: Dark Star (Play Store)
Demong Hunter (Playboard) | Demong Hunter (Play Store)
Blood Bowl (Playboard) | Blood Bowl (Play Store)
Witcher Adventure Game (Playboard) | Witcher Adventure Game (Play Store)
Stealth Chopper (Playboard) | Stealth Chopper (Play Store)
GA4: Revenant Rising (Playboard) | GA4: Revenant Rising (Play Store)
GA3: Slaves of Rema (Playboard) | GA3: Slaves of Rema (Play Store)
Oscura: Second Shadow (Playboard) | Oscura: Second Shadow (Play Store)
Flashout 2 (Playboard) | Flashout 2 (Play Store)

As always, should you spot a game for sale that’s not on this list, tell us in the comments below so everyone can take advantage of it.