Widget RPG updated and is now playable on Android Wear watches

Written by AndrewH

Back in the Summer of last year an extremely neat RPG landed onto Android called Widget RPG. The concept of this game ended up being to make playing an RPG relatively painless during every day life by having the entire thing be playable via a widget in your Android phone or tablet. That way progressing with the game can be done by simply tapping around the widget.

Players can do pretty much everything they need to via the widget such as progressing with the game, gaining experience and leveling up, finding items and equipping your hero together, and so on. However, don’t allow the fact that the game can be played via a widget into fooling you that it is a small game. I know of a lot of content in Widget RPG and this game could be played pretty much while doing other things like watching videos, browsing Internet or awaiting another game to load.

Widget RPG Features:

? simplified role-playing game
? transform mindless taps on widget to actions inside a fantasy world
? 180+ items never witnessed together in a single game
? 100+ NPCs to kill or befriend (65+ unique)
? 18 locations to explore on 2 maps
? 2 minigames to test your skills
? references to characters, products, games and places you may know
? hilarious, absurd, crazy, a little weird too
? time-limited quests (optional)
? achievements and global leaderboards (optional)
? send gifts and item requests to your friends (optional)
? save your valuable progress towards the cloud through Saved Games (optional)
? doesn’t drain battery much
? doesn’t require hundreds of megabytes to be downloaded
? it won’t install itself, so don’t wait any more striking the Install button

Widget RPG is a pretty unique game and when you happen to possess an Android Wear watch, now you can play this game with that too, even through voice commands if tapping isn’t your lifestyle on any particular day. The salt water evaporates is really pretty neat. Essentially this voice feature is really a ‘tap by voice’ functionality. This means you can begin speaking and every word will probably be transformed into a tap which will perform an action in-game.

This new update for Android Wear users is now survive Google Play and could be downloaded anytime free of charge.

Widget RPG (Playboard) | Widget RPG (Play Store)