New arcade shooter Monster Doors is now out for Android

Written by Ryan Ballard

DUBAKISoft just released a brand new game, called Monster Doors. The idea of the sport is straightforward, where players assume the roll of a Ghost Hunter and attempt to stem the flood of monsters, in 3D. The Ghost Hunter waits at the end of the screen, with his/her back, facing the top of the screen.

The monsters start towards the top of the screen / other end of the room, and march towards Ghost Hunter. Players slide the Ghost Hunter laterally, firing in the monsters to prevent them from getting past, and collecting things liked health insurance and gold.

Monster Door Features:

– 5 characters, each using their own intuitive control mechanics. All unlockable without spending anything!
– 180 colorful and exciting stages. Challenging yet rewarding gameplay!
– Dangerously thrilling boss battles designed to test out your resolve!
– Ranked dungeons to contend with friends and find out who has got the higher score!
– Loads and lots of contents, from unique pets to artifacts. Collect them all to become the best ghost hunter within the lands!
Monster Doors is available off of Google Play free of charge and does contain IAPs. You may also check this game out ahead of installing by watching the trailer below.

Monster Doors (Playboard) | Monster Doors (Play Store)