New Shoot ’em up called Stars Wagon released on Android

Written by Ryan Ballard

Stars Wagon may be the first game to be released by a small, indie game company called Amsgames. Stars Wagon is really a scroll shooter where, according to the pr release, players control “the forces from the enlightened beings from the aurora system” in their war from the Dark Ones who’ve managed to weaponize black holes, and use these to destroy entire civilization, leaving nothing behind.

As per the intro towards the game, they create darkness. Set in space, players will fly their ship (known as a light fighter) in a 2D setting, while dodging projectiles, snatching up ammo, and firing everything they have. What sets this game apart from other shoot ’em ups, would be that the color the light fighter is showing at a moment determines the ammo that can be picked up, and in turn fired. So if there are green orbs floating by on screen, players need to activate the green light to gather said green orbs, and fire green bullets.

There are three single-player modes:

– Story mode: 14 balanced levels with unique boss battles.
– Survival mode: score based mode with 3 different difficulty levels.
– Challenge mode: 12 designed levels that challenges the gamer’s abilities.

If a person has no one color, they can change to another which has ammo, however are only able to collect ammo of this same color. So not only must players dodge things like asteroids, they need to dodge the ammo from the wrong color, or change to the matching color in order to collect it.

Stars Wagon can be obtained on the internet Play free of charge. I had been able to locate only one IAP within the game, which unlocks more levels and higher difficulty, in addition to ad removal for $1.99.

Stars Wagon (Playboard) | Stars Wagon (Play Store)