Amazon has a $25,000 shopping spree giveaway going on, here’s how to enter for a chance to win. US residents only.

Written by AndrewH

Amazon has begun a giveaway where one lucky winner will have a mere $25,000 shopping spree on Amazon. Nevertheless the way to enter for an opportunity to win this shopping spree is rather interesting as it directly promotes downloading apps and games off of Amazon’s Appstore.

For a limited time, anybody who downloads any application or game from Amazon’s Appstore is going to be applied for this giveaway for a chance to win the $25,000 shopping spree. It doesn’t have to be a paid app or game either, it can be a free one. It just needs to be download through Amazon’s Appstore app to qualify. The only other thing you have to do besides downloading a credit card applicatoin or game is just having to complete a little entry form and you are done. If you’re selected like a winner, you’ll receive $25,000 in Gift Cards.

Step to go in:

Step 1: Complete and submit the brief entry form.
Step 2: Make sure you have the correct form of the Amazon App for Android Phones available exclusively from (NOTE: this app isn’t on Google Play. Once you complete the form, you’ll be come to a webpage which will launch or begin downloading the app.)
Step 3: From inside the Amazon App for Android Phones, navigate to Apps & Games and download any app or game C paid or free.

Obviously you’ll need an Amazon account as well so be sure to sign in, otherwise you won’t be able to fill out the entry form. Best of luck and merely remember, to People in america only!

Official Website: Amazon $25K Shopping Spree Giveaway