[UPDATED: Game Released] Outwitters 2.0 will be arriving onto Android tomorrow complete with cross-platform multiplayer

Written by Ryan Ballard

One Man Left is the developer from the game called Outwittes, which was one of the App Stores Best Games of 2012, with more than millions of downloads. The quick and dirty on the game is that it’s turn based multiplayer by means of tactical squad combat that’s played on a hex board, with the goal being that the gamer destroys the bottom of his or her opponent, without losing his/her own base along the way. Matches could be one on one, or two on two. You will find four different factions to select from, each having a unique unit.

[UPDATE: March 12th, 6:55 AM-PST] If you are looking for a challenging and fun turn-based strategy game, take a look no further. One Man Left Studios has released Outwitters in the Google Play Store. The sport is free of charge to download, but does include in-app purchases, if you undertake to take advantage of them. Lots of android gamers have been giving this game great reviews so far within the Play Store. Additionally, it has cross-platform play, so if you possess some friends that are non-android users, you can bring them on in this game. The hyperlink to download the game reaches no more this short article. Once you have played several rounds, tell us what you believe. One Man Left Studios is renowned for making colorful and challenging games. Hit that download button now!

One Man Left will quickly overhaul the iOS version, while launching on Android simultaneously. They explained within the pr release they they did this. ” We basically rebuilt the entire game from the ground-up in order to get it running on Android. The result: much faster performance, better load times, several improved animations, and most excitingly, cross platform play between iOS and Android.”

Outfitters Features:

– Take turns asynchronously, or pass the device
– 1-on-1 or 2-on-2 mayhem!
– Battle players of similar skill with league placement & matchmaking
– New season arrive to shake up the leaderboards
– Build a friends list and chat in-game
– Works on both tablets and phones

Players will also be able to get matched based on their skill, or challenge friends. The game has “seasons” (like football or baseball season), that enables the leader boards to be surrended. If you have been awaiting farmville to reach on Android since we first reported on it in February 2015, the good thing is that Outwitters will be arriving onto Google Play tomorrow. Grabbing a copy can cost you a great deal of free.

Outwitters 2.0 (Playboard) | Outwitters 2.0 (Play Store)