[Update: Released] Hero Sky: Epic Guild Wars Coming to Android this March

Written by Zack Kaplan

Hero Sky: Epic Guild Wars is really a new strategy title from South Korea based developer Innospark. Players start with an epic Hero unit at the beginning of the game, after which players can players collect, customize, and evolve additional heroes as they do battle in a number of single-player and multiplayer modes.

Update: March 19th, 2015 12:05pm PST: Just a quick update to allow everyone realize that Hero Sky has launched on Google Play. You can download a copy of Hero Sky for free through the link at the bottom of this article. We’ve also added the new trailer which you’ll take a look at below.

Hero Sky’s all about obtaining heroes to fight for you personally. Players can collect over 100 heroes, that can be used in battle along with tactical moves like “Trojan Horse” which provides troops the ability to sneak behind enemy lines. The sport includes a heavy focus on online and social features, such as the ability to join guilds and pool powers.

There are different ways to play online including Quick Battle, instant action online battles, and Fever Mode. Fever Mode needs a streak of wins in battle, so it’s unavailable from the start.

Hero Sky is going to be offered at a not yet been determined date this March.

Hero Sky (Playboard) | Hero Sky (Play Store)